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Annoying Caterpillars

~Saturday, March 25, 2023~

Day 1,015

Gosh, the devastation in Mississippi is just awful, almost apocalyptic. Mississippi’s governor has declared a state of emergency after several tornadoes killed 26 people and obliterated towns in its path. They are in desperate need of our help. If interested you can offer your assistance through Charity Navigator or directly to the American Red Cross. Together we can do A LOT!!

Sad to know this is our final day at Hillsborough River State Park. It was the perfect place to recharge before the craziness of Orlando that’s in store. Enjoying a morning walk with my pup, I noticed a very red, inflamed spot on the back of my leg.

And this was no mosquito bite. The only thing I could think of was that I was bit by a caterpillar. The signs were classic. Despite its innocently furry appearance, they can pack a painful sting or rash by the hair or spines on their bodies.

The funny thing was, I didn’t feel itchiness or pain from it, other than just a little tenderness at the site. A little soap and Neosporin seemed to do the trick. They certainly are fast little travelers as we were constantly having to check that none decided to hitchhike on our shoes. Well, it seems like I missed one.

Even if you’re wearing pants, which I was, they can still attach themselves and sting you. Flicking them off is a bit challenging as they really do cling on. You’re probably wondering how we’re even able to enjoy ourselves with annoyances like this. But bugs and crawly things are part of the camping experience and know it’s not for everyone. For us, it’s all worth it.

Jeff started a new book, another sci-fi before we headed out on another hike with Sadie. Trying to do this earlier in the day is key before temperatures and humidity start climbing.

And with a campground full of kids, Sadie is an instant attraction. It was so funny that one of them, a 3 year-old, thought Sadie was a Chihuahua. 🤣We later found out that HER dog is a chihuahua so of course all dogs must be called that. Ah, from the mouths of babes.

It was great finally being able to talk to our long lost son. Shane’s been incredibly busy with work and he, like everyone else, is so tired of the dreary, rainy days. Thank goodness he didn’t purchase an Ikon Pass this year since most of the resorts are closed due to the record breaking snow. However, we’re all grateful California has received this blessing. Jeff and I are trying to coordinate some time for Shane to get over to my mom’s place for some furniture moving. Now that she knows exactly what her living arrangement will be, it’s forcing her, unfortunately, to get rid of more furniture than she had planned. So to sell them, Shane will be helping her get those pieces out to the garage for easier pickup for buyers. Still a few things to coordinate with her moving fast approaching. We’re so excited for her new chapter and that she’ll finally be closer to family!

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