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An Indoor Day

~Thursday, March 10, 2022~

Day 634

First and foremost 🎈HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎈 to my sister, my friend. I love what we learn from each other, the laughs we share, and the unwavering encouragement and support we give each other. Looking back on our younger years, when I wished I was an only child at times, who knew we’d come to have the bond we do? But I’m sooooo grateful we do! Have an amazing birthday!!

A new herd of livestock came through on this bitterly cold morning. The calves looked only a few months old, if that. Watching them play as I savored my morning coffee was the perfect way to start my day. It was nice to finally see the backhoe disappear. Hopefully it will find a new location until we leave our perfect little spot.

Ah, now we have those Sedona Black Hills in our line of vision.

Sadie got into a little mischief today, when she decided to leave Jeff’s side a little too long. While they were on a chilly walk, Jeff just thought she was on her usual “tiny” exploration. But after a few minutes, when he called her back, she didn’t return. A few minutes turned into 10 at which time she showed up even dirtier than when she left (a sign of having too much fun! 😤 A few scoldings later, they headed back where Sadie dutifully stayed by Jeff’s side the entire way. Something must have distracted her, like a dear, a rabbit, a coyote 😳? Who knows. On rare occasions she gets caught up in a chase and decides to do her own thing, knowing she’ll have to pay for it later. But she’s smart enough to know her way back. I do love her sense of adventure though, as long as she’s safe!

With the weather so yucky, it was a good day to be in the trailer, taking care of a few necessary tasks, things that don’t make for interesting reading. But we did get a little extra excitement at about 5:00 when the snow began to fall.

Not a surprise since the temps dropped below freezing; a perfect thing while boondocking (NOT!!). At least we’re in a trailer and not a tent. The high today was only 48 degrees and not an ounce of sunshine. From about 9:00 p.m. to the middle of the night, the winds got up to 30 mph, the strongest winds of the trip, and the perfect storm for one rockin’/rollin’ trailer!

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