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An Added Boost

~Wednesday, September 1, 2021~

Day 444

A day of projects, errands and chores, even though we’re antsy to get out and explore. The #1 thing on Jeff’s list was getting our We-Boost all hooked up (not an easy feat), while I took care of the mundane…..laundry, grocery shopping and errands. I just love the convenience of having a laundry facility where we’re camping. Saves time and money for sure! And the bonus of shopping in a new area is that it at least lends itself to exploring the local scene.

When I returned, it looked like things had gone quite well and that Jeff was finally able to make outgoing calls with the cell booster. However, it was a partial success due to the fact WeBoost had sent the wrong size of coaxial cable….an RG-58 instead of an RG-6. Apparently, the RG-6 has more umph to send a better signal. When we purchased the device, it came with an RG-58 and an RG-6 anyway, but in order to reach the location we needed to place it in the rig, we needed an additional RG-6 cable. They simply shipped the wrong one. Quite impressive how he had to direct the wires down the ladder, under the trailer (so it wouldn’t be conspicuous), drill a hole up through the floor and behind the fireplace,

to place it just right. And all that for better internet and phone service. What would we do without technology?

Since I didn’t get back till late in the afternoon and still with oodles of laundry to do, we just didn’t seem to have our timing in sync with Holly and Stan. She was also working late, then had company for dinner, so our get together didn’t quite work out for today. But we will shoot for tomorrow morning before they leave. Making some banana muffins for them to take on the road tomorrow (and maybe leave a few for us) 😉

It appears we’re getting the remnants of Hurricane Ida, at least the outside ban of it. So, we battened down the hatches, tucking everything under the trailer and bringing in the awnings, just in case it got real bad.

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