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Already Thinking of 2022

~Saturday, May 29, 2021~

Day 349

A rainy day off and on ALL DAY. Not the best weather for a Memorial Day weekend. Kind of a disappointment I’m sure for all these families wanting to get away and “play”. Normally, you’d see kids running around, bbq’s going, and the normal socialization that goes along with camping in general. There are always the diehards that suck it up and pretend the sun is out anyway. For us, it was the perfect day to be inside with a computer and a calendar, trying to finish routing out and booking November and the start of 2022. Kind of crazy that we’re having to think that far ahead, but super important that we stay diligent in our reservations.

A few hours later, we had our November booked along with some research of where we wanted to stay for the early part of 2022. As you recall, we spent last January in Florida and have decided to spend our next January in the West after visiting family/friends in California for the Holidays. The plan is to return to Arizona, near Sedona, from January thru early April. Just scratching the surface, we discovered that dates are already filling up. Ugh!! We’ll see how things pan out….so stay tuned. Canada is also on our radar, that is if the borders reopen anytime soon. We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Canada, especially Alberta and B.C. It will be awesome to experience it though, the RV way.

After all the planning and being cooped up in the trailer all afternoon, we took a much needed walk around the campground, heading up to our favorite, quiet path where we met a very nice young couple from Virginia. They are originally from Maine, but moved to Virginia 4 years ago for work. Like us, this campground is a first for them. And interesting how they went from tent camping to RV camping and now back to tent camping. They were talking about how much they miss Maine and how their kids get to go back every 4th of July with the grandparents, giving the parents a much needed break. A win-win for everybody right? We hope to have the same ritual one day, with Carson and Easton getting to travel with us (when they’re a little older). This campground may just fit the bill, if we all end up in the East one day.

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