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Almost Missed the Show😳🩰

~Sunday, December 19, 2021~

Day 553

It was so sweet of my mom to purchase tickets for the 3 of us to see a local production of “The Nutcracker” . Of course this brings back so many memories of the many years we took our kids to San Francisco to see either this or “The Christmas Carol”. Hannah and Shane still talk about it to this day. Today’s production was being put on by the local Pamela Haye’s Classical Ballet Company at Folsom Lake College’s Harris Center, about 15 minutes from my mom’s house. We arrived with plenty of time to spare……that is until we heard an announcement to have our vaccination records and ID’s at the ready. Oh my goodness!! That would mean having to go back to the house and back (30 minutes into the show). Mom could have sworn that she told me about this when she booked the tickets a few weeks ago. I didn’t recall having that conversation, so who knows. Jeff and I haven’t been carrying around our vaccination cards because we’ve only needed them on one occasion of the entire trip. Today would have been a good day to bring the truck since that’s where I keep them. So while mom stayed in line, Jeff and I headed back to El Dorado Hills to retrieve the cards. The plethora of stop lights and stop signs only added to our stress. All in all, it took us about 30 minutes to get there and back. I thought for sure we’d have to wait until intermission to be allowed in. Man, were we lucky. They hadn’t even started yet. Whew!! Not sure why such a long delay, but we took it! What a beautiful production. From the little 3-year olds to middle-aged cast, they put on a terrific program. I would say that for a local ballet company production, the costumes were exceptional. Unfortunately, they had one 2-minute glitch with the digital sound. But the cast adjusted well with a nearly seamless performance.

After so much sitting today, I was antsy for a brisk hike with my pups when we got back. So Sadie and I took our old hiking trail up the hill where most everything looked the same. We narrowly missed the “threatening” blow-up Santa decoration, at least in Sadie’s eyes. The homeowner was just starting to blow it up as we approached the street. Of course I had to tell him how cute I thought his decoration was, despite how nervous it made my dog. He got a laugh out of her reaction. Don’t know what it is about blow-up Santas and dancing doll tubes. We’ll just stay clear.

What a delicious dinner of Jeff’s homemade chili (the best! and a multi-winner of many a chili cook-off). And what’s chili without cornbread (my contribution)? Since Jeff and I don’t get much opportunity to watch movies, we’re soaking up the selection at mom’s. Tonight….Die Hard 2!!

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