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All Alone

~Saturday, April 2, 2022~

Day 657

The weather is a changin’ for the better…we’ll trade 60’s for 70’s temps any day. Yay!! Today’s a sad day as Jeff and I become loners, holding down the fort at our boondocking site near the Grand Canyon. The Alonzi’s and Bacher’s are headed for Page, AZ to savor the benefits of full hookups with longer showers, laundry and simply rebooting before their next boondock gig in the Lake Powell area where we plan on meeting up again. After that, we likely won’t see them again until next winter in Florida, since our paths are headed in different directions……westward for them….Bryce, Zion, and the Moab area and for us…..northward slowly inching our way to Alaska. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting to know both families, sharing worthwhile experiences TOGETHER! “Road Families” are a real thing. No matter the age difference or the lack of commonality of where each person is in their lives (we’re empty nesters as opposed to them raising young ones), if you identify with people, that’s all that matters. If you’re comfortable, you’re comfortable. Interestingly enough, together we span 3 decades….the Alonzi’s in their 30’s, the Bacher’s in their 40’s and us in our 50’s. Watching them with their kids and all the chaos that surrounds raising a family on the road, is quite entertaining, but even moreso, admirable. Jeff and I wonder if we could have done the same thing if remote working was an option way back when. It’s not for everyone and seriously if you don’t know what you’re doing, in terms of giving your kids the right experiences and educating them well on the road, you could certainly mess up a kid. It’s hard enough as it is raising children in this day and age. But we’ve met many families who are making this lifestyle work for them. What could be better than being able to have the flexibility to work from the road and share amazing experiences with your family on a regular basis, not just 2 weeks/year? Being around both families, we’re just completely in awe of the gift they’re giving their kids. They’ve seen more in their short lifetimes, than most adults ever get to see.

With both families finally hitting the road around 2:00, the forest was eerily quiet. At least I can take solace that we’re not all alone as we have 2 RVer’s on either side of us, visibly far, yet near. Jeff enjoyed getting back into his reading, while I worked on editing a few movies. Missing the sound of those kids already!

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