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Alaska Prices

~Thursday, September 1, 2022~

Day 809

Day 73 of Alaska Trip

Geez, I can’t remember the last time we stepped foot into a Costco. And it’s a dangerous place, unless you stick to your list. Even in Alaska, they think of Christmas in September! What happened to the good ol’ days of waiting at least until Halloween was over? Great news, we actually stuck to the list with a cart of only useful items, though those inflatable kayaks were quite tempting!

Next stop…..a trip to FedEx Office for some printing tasks. A portable printer sure would have come in handy for our trip (they have small compact ones, perfect for full-time travelers or for working remotely). But we decided that the infrequency of needing one didn’t justify the cost. They’re not cheap! But for those of you interested in finding one for yourself, we really liked the Colorwing Wireless Bluetooth Portable Printer……Amazon is offering a promotion right now for $70 off, so check it out. Technology can be a wonderful thing making so much doable from the road.

Grocery prices seem to be staying about the same. But we are seeing gas prices come down a bit. We were able to find one particular gas station that’s been our go-to while staying in Fairbanks……Airport Gas and Oil for $4.79/gallon….the cheapest diesel we’ve found so far. They also carry something that you never find in California….heating oil. It’s fascinating watching people pull up in their pick-ups with their 55-gallon drums to fill up the fuel they need for their businesses or their homes. How would you like to do this chore in below freezing temperatures though? Price is about $4.00/gallon. Curious though….is this cheaper than a gas bill for the same usage? One guy we met said he has to fill up about 500-gallons worth 3 times/year…..$6,000 in heating oil…..ouch! My recollection is that we never spent even a ⅓ of that for natural gas. Now I REALLY know we can’t afford Alaska!

Once again… Aurora Borealis. But we’re not giving up yet. Come on clear skies!!

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