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Ahhh, Way Better

~Monday, January 24, 2022~

Day 589

Good news! Around 10:30, the owner’s sister Nikki stopped by to let us know that they were able to relocate us to a better, more roomy site. Yeh!!! This time, a mountain view site and much quieter…..that is until we discovered a very barky dog on the property behind the RV park. Hey, I’d much rather listen to a barking dog on occasion, than be in a narrow, tiny site for a month. Once we got the clearance to move, we went to check our new site #19. Waaaaay better with the greenbelt/cactus garden in front of us as well as spectacular views of the surrounding mountains.

No matter if you’re moving 1 site away, or 500 miles away, the breakdown/setup time is all the same.

I walked over to the office to pay for our month’s stay and talked to owner Christine and Nikki. I thanked them again for moving us and got the lowdown on Nikki’s specialty of homemade Vietnamese Rolls (only available on Mondays and Wednesdays). We’ll definitely have to put in our order. Hopefully the 2 rolls of quarters I got will be sufficient to do our 3 weeks worth of laundry.

While we were setting up, we couldn’t help but notice the large amount of water being wasted from our hose bib. Evidently, all the hose bibs need replacing here and with the desert and scarcity of water, you’d think that would be a top priority. In 30 minutes the maintenance guy was here doing his fix-it thing and was quick to point out the tall, fat cactus next to our hook up tower. Interestingly enough, the Saguaro cactus plump after heavy rain.It’s always after a heavy rain. When there’s less precipitation, the cactus get skinnier. Never knew that, but it totally makes sense.

Being here for a month, we plan on getting to know a few of our neighbors. And having an adorable lab makes that certainly possible. Our neighbors 2 rigs over, Terry and Tony have already taken a liking to Sadie and us. Super down to earth and very friendly, they introduced their friend Mara who has been coming here for the winters since 2015. Most of the people in our MV/DV (mountain view/desert view) loop stay for months at a time, generally the winter months. I can’t imagine being here during summers. 🥵 It turns out that Terry and Tony camphost every summer at my favorite national park…..Glacier National Park. We just might have to have them over for dinner one night to hear all the details. What a great experience that would be. Jeff and I have talked about being camphosts down the road, after we get settled somewhere. Glacier would be a dream come true.

Where did the day go? Between setting up in our new spot, picking up propane and doing 6 loads of laundry, it was dinner time before we knew it. Delicious kale/butternut squash raviolis with red/cream sauce, french bread and salad….and a toast to our improved campsite!!

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