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A Water Day

~Saturday, June 27, 2020~

Day 13

What a treasure to finally be spending time with our grandchildren, Easton and Carson. With Easton, everything is a wonder, and immediately gives your appreciation of things a facelift. So refreshing. Today was one of those days you just soak it all in.

We arrived at Hannah and Devin’s place in San Marcos for a mid day brunch of pancakes, hash browns and eggs where Easton says, “Don’t forget the catsup!” Carson doesn’t know what he’s missing. We had some play time with building ramps and balancing the ball on our heads, then headed out to San Diego. We had given Hannah a nice backpack for Easton over a year ago, and it was finally being put to use today.

He loved being at the same height as everyone else. After paying an outrageous $20 parking fee (should have held out for the cheaper parking that Devin and Hannah found), we walked toward the waterfront to check out the pirate ships, submarines and sailboats. On one of the ships, the ship lady figurehead at the bow was social-distancing with a mask.

Apparently the ship figureheads with the carved semi-naked lady were thought to calm stormy seas.

I had forgotten water for Sadie, and while in our search, found an awesome water park near the waterfront called the Waterfront Park. I love the things that are unplanned and spontaneous. Perfect for Easton, right? Oh my goodness did he have a ball. The only thing Easton would not do was go under the water spouts. Lots to see too, with the airport nearby, as planes came low in their landing, and helicopters flew overhead. I think Easton was on stimulation overload. As we walked back toward the car, Easton had another thrill of seeing fire trucks on a call with full on lights and sirens. We also walked through a section in San Diego called Little Italy. Little Italy originally took shape in the 1920s, as Italian fishermen and their families began settling there to be close to the city's tuna industry. San Diego was the tuna capital of the west coast where over 6,000 Italians had worked and settled. It was amazing just how many restaurants there were, and fun to see everyone dining outside. Definitely a section of town where you want to wear a mask. Not a lot of social distancing here. We’ll have to come back and spend more time here.

Hamburger night at the Latreille’s. Since Easton had such a full, energetic day, they wanted to head out by 8:00 or so. We FaceTimed GG (Grandma Trombino), with updates. I guess it’s been 100+ everyday in El Dorado, as opposed to our pleasant 75 degrees. A great day spent together before Easton heads back to his dad’s.

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