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A Thirsty Desert

~Sunday, January 15, 2023~

Day 946

Temperatures are about 20 degrees cooler than when we first arrived and there’s no sun in sight. The last time we were here, we had super warm days and not a hint of rain. But sometimes you just don’t get a repeat performance.

No sunkissed mountains today. So for me, it was the perfect day to stay inside, complete my video editing from the last few months which I can’t wait to share with all of you. My mom is visiting with Tim and Tracy up in Oregon this week, so was anxious to hear all about the apartment hunting they’d been doing the last few days. She’s got 3 favorites so far. Now it’s just a matter of finding out when certain ones will become available and lining that up with the sale of her home.

It was another evening of football playoffs….this time between the Cincinnati Bengals and the NY Giants. Cincinnati won, though we weren’t favoring any team particularly. So it looks like Cincinnati will play the Buffalo Bills. One more wild card game tomorrow night and we’re headed into the next phase of the playoffs.

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