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A Special Keepsake

~Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Day 423

Hannah had a virtual training session for her new job this morning, so I offered to watch the baby and the dog for an hour while she took care of that. It’s so awesome spending some one-on-one time with my grandson.

He is so smart, sweet, happy and just a love!

Over the last few months, Hannah and Devin had been collecting a lot of orders for us, so we knew it would be like Christmas all over again opening all those boxes, some of which we’d forgotten we ordered. One of the special orders we made was our custom order “FootprintsOnWheels” decal for the side of the trailer. Stay tuned for its unveiling very soon! While Jeff tended to unpacking, Hannah, Carson and I headed to Michael’s to pick out a frame for Carson’s cross-stitch project I had just completed. I usually have all my custom frame work done at Aaron Brothers, but when I found out that Michael’s had bought out Aaron Brothers, we were fortunate that a Michael’s was only 10 minutes from Mahomet. We had the nicest staff helping us select the perfect mat and custom frame to protect that special keepsake. Love the frame we chose! It only took 4 people to come up with the right decision. Even Carson, I think, gave his approval from his stroller headquarters. Unfortunately, it won’t be ready for 2-½ weeks, so I won’t be able to see the finished product in person. So I guess photos will have to do, so stay tuned for that post as well.

Since Best Buy was right next door, we popped into take a look at a new keyboard for my 2nd generation Ipad (good luck!), and as I thought…..the selection just wasn’t there for my older device. Online would be the best bet. Since Jeff and I now have an amazing MacBook Pro (I love this laptop!!), I no longer need my Ipad. It was a perfect tool when I was teaching and great for the kitchen when we’d have a recipe we found online that we could easily prop up on the counter (it’s the perfect size). But all these months of traveling, it was just sitting in my backpack most of the time and hoped that it could, once again, be put to good use. Hannah’s laptop is quite old (we bought each one of the kids a laptop when they graduated high school), and sadly not functioning properly so I decided to give her the Ipad. At least it’s something to get her by until she’s ready to purchase a laptop again. When you add the keyboard to the Ipad, it really is like a mini laptop. I simply called Apple Support to help me bring the device to its factory settings and removed it from my account. Oh, and I found a keyboard through WalMart online that will hopefully work perfectly.

It was dinner at the Latreille’s tonight. Jeff had made extra spaghetti sauce that we froze a few weeks ago, so we had that, Hannah helped with the extra garlicky french bread and I made the salad (of course). All delicioso!!

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