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A Sad Goodbye😢

~Tuesday, July 13, 2021~

Day 394

Today’s a sad day in the land of St. Ignace as Tim heads back to Oregon. I know Jeff especially enjoyed having his “bro-ham” (as they fondly call each other) around, since he’s been slightly outnumbered with Sadie and I; Jeff and Tim really do enjoy each other’s company and we all enjoyed our first experience exploring the U.P. together. It’s just too bad my sis couldn’t join us as well due to work commitments. But, we’re hoping on our visit to New Orleans in 2021, that both Tim and Tracy will be able to join us in the fun.

While I was whipping up a big breakfast for the boys, 2 things decided to run out…..propane and water. The water could wait, but it’s kind of hard to finish a breakfast without the gas. One tank left (½ full), so I guess I know where we’ll be going tomorrow. Sadie and I stayed back while Jeff drove Tim to the airport, avoiding another $90 taxi service.

While the boys were gone, I played catch up on some computer work (behind on posts and pics). It was a rainy day anyway until midday but ended up being nicer than expected by the afternoon. If we’re at the campsite during a rain spell, we really enjoy sitting under the awning watching and listening to the pitter patter. But since we are only a foot from the road at this campground, we are unable to put those awnings out. Shucks! So we’ll just have to listen to it from inside the trailer.

Sadie managed to get in some swim time down at our campground beach, where swimmers and beachgoers got in some free entertainment, as she is always willing to show off her ball-catching tricks.

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