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A Perfect Day for Chili

~Sunday, January 10, 2021~

Day 210

I’m telling ya’. It’s a good thing that I opted for a French Press instead of the Keurig. We just lost power, but thank goodness for Jeff, this girl is still able to have her coffee. Yes!! Now on to some troubleshooting. Generally, when we have hookups in the winter months, we look for 30A sites. The only time we would need a 50A site is if we know we’ll be needing to run both air conditioners. Jeff and I were racking our brains why this would happen all of the sudden, since we’d done nothing unusual. We had the fireplace, portable space heater, tv, and the water heater all running simultaneously which all together, draw a lot of power. So maybe we’re using between 30 and 50. Jeff tried resetting the circuit breaker, but nothing. Thank goodness for our handy dandy power cord extender. We just plugged into the next vacant site over and voila….we’re back in business. Until…..that one went out. What the heck? He reset that breaker which did take, but then went out again, only to restart on its own? Is that even possible. The rest of the day, we made sure to not have the water heater when the space heater was running. So maybe that’s the trick, at least at this campground.

The rest of this very cold day (low 50’s) was me getting some Instagram training while enjoying the views from our trailer of the quiet pond and shady trees. It is pretty cool to have rotating scenery, I must say. Nothing to cross off the list today with it being Sunday and football playoffs (wild card round). And what’s more perfect while watching football on a cold winter’s day in Florida? Making a big ol’ yummy pot of chili.

And this isn’t just any chili. This is the chili that Jeff’s dad was famous for winning numerous times at our annual Latreille Chili Cookoff. It’s called San Carlos Chili and sorry folks…...a family secret recipe that shall remain. But with whipping up this concoction requires a little grocery shopping so off he went with Sadie while I continued my post writing and Instagram training.

The outcome of the day…….the “old guys” Drew Brees and Tom Brady will be matching up for the upcoming playoff game between the Saints and the Buccaneers, and the Pittsburgh Steelers, though coming back from a shocking deficit, had a surprising loss to the Cleveland Browns and quarterback Lamar Jackson won his first playoff game leading his Raven team to play the Buffalo Bills next. Oh, and the chili…..scrumptious!!

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