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A New State!

~Monday, March 8, 2021~

Day 267 (Travel Day)

Cold snap last night with the temp getting down to 30. Brrr…..quite a change from our Florida Keys weather. So back on came the space heater and electric fireplace. Jeff still hasn’t had time to fix the propane heater, but these 2 units seem to do the job. The cold air woke him up enough to check the space heater that I’d turned on when I came to bed. Sure enough I had turned on the “fan” setting instead of “Heat 1” I guess. Nice to be adding to the already cold air. Lesson….don’t turn on electronics in the dark.

Back on the road, leaving Georgia behind and heading to our campground in Charleston, South Carolina. The drive was quite stressful for Jeff near the end with narrow roads and construction, always leading to exhaustion especially when towing a large unit behind (and it isn’t even that big. Big to us, but I don’t know how some of these people tow 45 feet worth of steel and aluminum). The Campground and Cottages at James Island County Park is where we’ll be staying for a few nights while touring the Charleston area. First impression….NICE!! The campground itself is not that big with approximately 125 RV sites and 10 cottages, but full-service everything...laundry, general store, propane and firewood sales, and free wi-fi. The pricing is a bit steep, but it’s likely due to the amenities and the location only minutes from downtown Charleston. But the entire park is enormous. There are miles of paved trails for biking/walking, a splash zone waterpark, a climbing wall, 16 acres of freshwater lakes (watch out for those gators! 🐊😳), open meadows, playground, and an off-leash dog park. And every year they host an elaborate Festival of Lights parade through the park during the months of November and December. We can see all of the light displays, unlit, but that they leave up year ‘round. This campsite was by far the easiest one to pull into. We normally prefer back-in sites which usually lends itself to more trees/landscaping and thus privacy. But this pull-thru site seems to be one of the best in the loop and once again, with plenty of room for Sadie to stretch those legs and find new smells. Once again, we’re surrounded by Airstreams (must be the price point of the campground-$75/night).

While setting up, we discovered a little mishap with the stabilizer up/down switch. There are a few rigs where you have to manually

lower or raise the stabilizers (one on each corner of the unit). The stabilizers do just that; help the trailer feel more rigid, less bouncy. On our trailer, we do it by the flip of a switch which is great when it’s not broken. These switches do wear out and we do use it an awful lot. So, it’s not too surprising that it’s worn out. Luckily it’s a part that we can get at Camping World or maybe even Home Depot.

Before whipping up a balsamic glazed salmon/spinach salad dinner, we thought we’d take a look at some real estate online. This will be another city that we get in touch with an agent to give us tips on areas to check out while we’re here, as well as keeping an eye out for properties that may suit us. The Charleston area has always been on our radar, though we’re a little leery of flooding/hurricanes, especially with rising sea levels 😳💦.

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