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A New Routine?

~Saturday, May 14, 2022~

Day 699

It’s unusual for me to get up so early, since I continue to be a night owl, but I had a lot of catching up to do with our blog, editing movies, etc. and started my day at around 7:00. They say dawn and dusk are the primo times for spotting wildlife, and I guess today was my lucky day! As I just sat down with my laptop and cup of coffee, I happened to look out the window at the perfect moment. A cautious, reddish/orange fox was crossing the grassy area behind our trailer, heading for the hills. With the high number of campers and canines, I’m sure it makes for more skittish wild creatures. Except for moose. Can’t wait to spot one. I think I just might switch up my night owl routine, for more wildlife viewing at dawn!

It was nice to have a catch up day on a variety of things since the past week has been go, go, go. While Jeff was putting something away in one of the outside compartments, he noticed a loose screw on one of the tracks on our outdoor slide. After tightening that one, he began checking the others. They were all slightly loose, and I mean slightly, but enough to warrant a retightening on all of them. Not shocking with all the vibration, shuddering and shaking that happens with it being driven on a near weekly basis. Before you knew it, his 5-minute project turned into an hour-long affair. Tomorrow….the underside of the rig.

While Sadie and I took a 5-minute walk to the trash dumpster, Brian, the owner of the campground, who also happens to own an adorable Golden Retriever, was doing his rounds. My asking about them offering recycling turned into an hour-long visit, hearing all about how he and his wife just closed on the purchase of Elk Creek Campground just 2 weeks prior. Outbidding 4 other potential corporate buyers, it’s nice to know the previous owner followed through on her pursuit of keeping it a family run business; following her heart rather than a buck. The new owners have and continue to run, with the help of their daughter, the KOA near where we just stayed in Estes Park. Owning and maintaining two campgrounds would certainly keep one busy!!

Initially, we thought our time on this side of Rocky Mountain Park may not have as much to offer with many of the roads still closed until Memorial Day weekend. But with what is open and the town of Grand Lake nearby, our short list has grown to a long one begging the question…..Will we have enough time to do it all?

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