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A Mother's Love

~Saturday, December 4, 2021~

Day 538

Wow… seemed an eternity for this day to arrive… see the woman I missed more than anyone… mother. It is the longest we’ve been apart. She has been so patient with our travels, hanging in there reading our blogs, checking out our photos and watching our videos. Facetime calls are good, but obviously not quite the same.

Before leaving Napa for El Dorado Hills to see my mom, I dropped Jeff off at our son Shane’s place just across town. They had plans to begin dialing in the backyard which evidently took a slight detour to the inside due to a broken down lawn mower. Shane had seeded the lawn a few months back that took pretty well, but it needed a mow before planning out walkways and the firepit. So off to the hardware store they went to buy a new spark plug and a few other items. The spark plug did not do the trick. So Shane is going to bring it to one of his buddies from work who does side work fixing lawn mowers. Jeff thinks it could be the carburetor. Hmmm… so what projects are there for the inside? A leaky shower head and designing/building a redwood pot rack for the kitchen. Shane’s place is really tiny with very little storage. So it would be great if he could utilize the ceiling as storage space. Jeff and I swear by them.

I took off for El Dorado Hills in the early afternoon, with a pretty smooth drive. Arriving in my mom’s neighborhood felt like yesterday, but seeing my mom did not. It had been way too long. That first hug was quite something….one of those you just don’t want to let go. Clearly, we missed each other and clearly, it was one of those things…..where do you begin with sooooo much to talk about. We let our catching up get the best of us, ignoring our growling stomachs. Maybe dinner was in order. Neither of us felt like cooking and most of my mom’s favorite restaurants were booked for the night. It was a Saturday night after all. So Chinese it was. We were able to find a table immediately, and the food….delicious. Since we have an early day tomorrow for our paint class, both these night owls were off to bed at a decent hour. Sweet dreams! 😴

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