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A Little Surprise

~Sunday, October 3, 2021~

Day 476 (Happy 4th Birthday Easton!!! 🥳🎉😘)

Today is our oldest grandson’s birthday. It seems like just yesterday when we witnessed him being born, so full of energy and eagerness in greeting the world. We are so blessed to have him in our lives and can’t wait to see all the exciting things he’ll do in his 4th year. If your mom is reading this to you, know that we are thinking of you and sending you hugs clear across the continent from New Hampshire. We can’t wait to see you soon!

Why drive 30 minutes to a fabulous hiking trail, when you already have one in your own backyard? Remember the trail I mentioned a few days ago that was behind our campground? The “Connector Trail”, as they call it, is a main trail that is linked to 4 or 5 other trails. We took the 2.0 mile Webster Cliff Trail (4 miles out and back) which was so beautiful as it followed the Saco River most of the way, even as we gained elevation. The

Cliff Trail, appropriately named, has you walking along the cliff edge on most of the route where we really had to watch our footing with the slippery rocks and roots under our boots. It also didn’t appear to be a well-worn, popular trail with the pockets of overgrown vegetation we saw along the way. This hike should be on everyone’s to do list while visiting the White Mountains of New Hampshire; especially if you prefer less touristy trails. What could be better with views of orange, red and yellow leafed trees, moss, ferns, and colorful mushrooms

growing out of standing or laying rotting trees? It’s all beautiful. Our turnaround point was at the suspension bridge at mile mark 2, since we were trying to get back to the campsite by 4:00 to give us enough time to drive to North Conway to get a cell signal. We made it to North Conway in time to Facetime Easton in wishing him a HAPPY 🎈🎈BIRTHDAY back in California. He was so excited for his upcoming trampoline birthday party. And he can’t stop talking about seeing his mom again. It just tugs at your heartstrings when he shares his feelings of missing his mom.

While we were in cell reception, we also took advantage of calling a few other of whom was my bestie in California. Things are going great as she’s going to be starting a new life chapter, which includes moving away from her hometown of over 30 years, to be closer to the ocean she loves, and embark on new beginnings. Can’t wait to see what unfolds for her. Was hoping to have her come out to the East Coast for my birthday in October, but our timing just isn’t right. We’ll see eachother soon though.

Fall is our favorite time of the year, and since it is well underway, it was time to pull out those festive decorations, few as they may be. I think Jeff was a little disappointed that there wasn’t more in the box. What?? I think this would be a first, my husband is actually encouraging more shopping. Not a problem, though storage is something to keep in mind. I am in the market, however, for a leaf garland for the large window in the living area. Michael’s here I come!

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