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A Little Splurge

~Wednesday, September 22, 2021~

Day 465 (Travel Day)

Once again, never enough time in one place. We could have easily stayed another 3 days or so in Freeport. But, it’s time to move on to our next location in Kennebunkport, Maine. Nice that the drive was less than an hour to our next location of Sandy Pines. We’re definitely splurging a bit, as this campground is a little over our $35/night budget at a steep $75/night. Once in a while, we don’t mind spending a little more as long as the end of the year results average out within our budget. From the lodge where you first check in, right down to the car tags that hang from your rear view mirror, no detail is overlooked. And RV camping is not all that is offered. They offer a variety of camping options like tent sites, glamp tents, covered wagons and quaint cottages. There is also a general store, kid’s craft corner, a heated saltwater pool, lawn games, laundry facilities and kayak rentals. Even the loo facilities are along the lines of a rustic spa.

When we arrived to site #26 (fondly known as Beach Rose), we loved the location, that is if no one moved into the space next to us. The only form of privacy we would have would be their side of the trailer, separating us; plenty of trees behind and on the far side of each side, but no trees between. Nice to have a break from “tank fill anxiety” for now, with our full hookups too. Sadie was really digging (no pun intended) our new “home” as she scored with some spilled dog food on the gravel next to the trailer, so I didn’t have to worry about feeding her lunch.

We’re really looking forward to the next seven days in this charming coastal town and surrounding areas. Kennebunkport, one of the wealthiest communities in the state of Maine, has a reputation as a summer haven for many people with plenty to see and do. Even the Bush family finds it a special place with their summer retreat located here. Who knows….maybe we’ll even spot a celebrity or 2.

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