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A Little "Home Maintenance"

~Monday, June 14, 2021~

Day 365

Do ya’ll know what day this is? Well, you probably don’t know that it is my parent’s wedding anniversary, but more relatable to Jeff and I, this is THE ANNIVERSARY of our magnificent journey that we embarked on 1 year ago today. 🎉🍾❤️ And we’re in store for more. It looks like we’ll be on this little “explore” of ours for another year. If you had asked me a year ago if I could do a 2-year stint, I would have thought you were crazy. I thought 1 year was pushing it. But plans change, nor could we have predicted this insane housing market and the fact it’s forced us to hold off buying a home anytime soon. We’re just grateful we can continue to live this lifestyle for yet another year.

We have really put our “home on wheels” to the test this past year and know another year of full-timing it will certainly put it through its paces once again. We think it would behoove us to check a few things off the to-do list with the mindset that if you take care of “it”, “it” will take care of you. When you have a “to do'' list AND a campsite that gives you the space to move around, you need to jump on the opportunity. There are a lot of videos floating around out there about air conditioning maintenance and with the hot weather upon us, it was a reminder for us to keep those items in check. It wouldn’t hurt to clean filters,

check coils, etc. One couple we follow, “” , recommends a spray for A/C coils to help loosen up dirt on those delicate little buggers. So stay tuned for a video on that one. And especially if you have a furry companion joining you on your travels like we do, you might want to think about cleaning those filters a bit more often.

Another item that’s been tugging at us to get done, is cleaning the awnings. Ever since we pulled Billie Jean off the lot, her awnings, especially the ones over the slides, looked filthy. Jeff thought we’d first try a home solution of warm water, a little bleach, and Dawn to remove mold/grime/tree sap. If that doesn’t seem to do the trick, we’ll try the chemical route, but prefer to be as environmentally friendly and wallet friendly as possible. Then we’ll treat the awnings with a UV protectant (see details on our webpage at Stay tuned for another how-to video on this as well. Another thing we’ve noticed in this hot, humid weather in The South, is our fridge working overtime. In fact, most mornings, the fridge has some condensation on the outside panel 😮. So we’ll have to be more on top of defrosting the freezer/fridge so it doesn’t have to work harder than it already is. Today, we:

☑️ Checked A/C Coils for damage or junk inside (all looked good by the way)

☑️ Cleaned vent covers, top and underneath side

☑️ Lubricated slide gaskets

☑️ Torqued the lugnuts on the trailer tires (really in good shape)

☑️ Defrosted freezer

Now that feels good.

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