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A Great Way to Kick Things Off (not)

~Friday, June 10, 2022~

Day 726

What a difference a state makes. Coming from Bozeman, Montana to El Dorado Hills, California in June, takes a few days of adjusting to the weather. The temps in Bozeman when I left were in the low 70’s. El Dorado Hills……..105 degrees. Since we won’t be having much of a summer in terms of hot temperatures while in Alaska, I guess I’ll welcome it while I’m here.

Boy, I didn’t know that trying to book a vaccine would be like trying to put a man on Mars. I received my first Shingles vaccine last December and was originally told when I returned to California in June that I would be able to just drop in for the second one. Not the case. I must have called 4 different Kaiser representatives to find out the low down about getting the vaccine. Evidently, because we’re still connected with Napa Kaiser (where we lived before the trip), they handle things differently than the Kaiser in Roseville. I received several different choices: ⓵ due to no appointments available, I would have to wait until I was back in California in late October, which by then would be too late to receive the 2nd vaccine, ⓶ that I would have to make the 1-½ hour drive to Napa to receive it, ⓷ wait for my doctor to approve me receiving the vaccine out of the Napa network which likely would not give me enough time to get in at all. Ultimately, after all the back and forth, I finally got a hold of one representative that was able to get me into the Roseville facility today. My Lord!! It just goes to show, like with most things, it really depends on WHO you talk to. Grrrr!!! 😡Let’s just hope that I don’t have side effects.

Later in the afternoon, we decided on an early dinner at Relish Bar (a burger joint) in El Dorado Hills, followed by a movie. My mom hasn’t been to a movie since the pandemic, so I would say she’s overdue. Rushing through our meal to make the 6:30 show, we would find out that the only seating available for the latest Top Gun movie…Maverick, were seats directly in front of the screen. After checking a few other showtimes, it just wasn’t going to happen tonight. But hello. It was prime movie time, on a prime movie day, with the biggest hit movie of the year. So I’m not sure what we were thinking. Checking showtimes for the following week, we were able to get great seats for Monday evening. So glad it will still be playing!

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