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A First

~~Thursday, June 30, 2022~

Day 746 (Travel Day)

Day 10 of Alaska Trip

I am so sorry everybody. Never have I accidentally deleted a post from my Google Drive. Believe me, I am heartbroken over it because now it means a gap in trilogy. So frustrating. It was one of those cut and paste moments from my drive to the Wix website where I tried the "back arrow" method, trying to undo what I had done, but it wouldn't go back as far as I needed. All I can tell you is we spent our last night in June in a town called Carmacks (nothing exciting, thankfully), in the Yukon, staying at a campground called Tatchun Creek. We're packing in so much, I can't recollect all the details nor did I take many pictures of the day. So my heartfelt apologies.

I also want to inform you guys that we will have very spotty reception moving forward while traveling the "Last Frontier". So please hang in there with us as we play catch up in the coming weeks. Thanks for your patience. Wish us luck!! We'll communicate when we can!

Hope you're all enjoying your summer!!

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