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A Down Day

~Monday, October 11, 2021~

Day 484

We’ve only been generating about .5 amps the whole time we’ve been here, so we basically need the morning and evening time to run the generator to charge those lithiums. Hopefully, we’re not bugging our fellow campers too much, though it is a very quiet generator. This is not a heavy generator use campground, so you tend to stick out in the crowd when using one. But then again, most people aren’t staying as long as we are other than the camphosts and staff, so we feel it’s justified.

After a half-hour inspection, we found out that our heater issue was in fact dog hair related……...again. What we can’t figure out though, is how the dog hair is getting in there in the first place. The blower, which sucks up a ton of air around it, must be sucking in just enough dog hair through crevasses to get in there. Even the slightest bit of hair is enough to affect the sail switch. And, it really hasn’t been bone chilling weather just yet, so everything’s good.

After I got ready for our day, Jeff asked me what I thought if we just had a down day at the campground… projects, just chill. Wow, sounds awesome since we have been going, going, going lately. We can’t remember the last time we had just a day of relaxation at our campsite, and we couldn’t have asked for a better location than here with the colors of Fall all around.

But it wasn’t a day without projects since I decided to spend the majority of the afternoon cross stitching on a gift for next Christmas. The recipient shall not be mentioned. And it’s a doozy of one. It’s one of those where you look at it and go….that took 4 hours? While I was outside stitching, one of the camphosts was raking the campground roads. I’ve never seen anyone do that before….or maybe it’s a Vermont thing. No blower, just a rake. It could have been her therapy though!!

Before relaxing, Jeff went to fetch more water for the rig (we’re only filling up about 20 gallons at a time). What a fun night, with Monday night football and the Giant’s baseball playoffs against the LA Dodgers….game 2. We were at 1 game a piece before today and won tonight’s game. Evidently there was a huge amount of wind in LA (an excuse the Dodgers are using for not winning the game). If we win tomorrow night…(it’s the best of 3), we win the series, then on to Playoff #2. Crossing those fingers!!

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