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A Disappearing Treasure

~Friday, December 10, 2021~

Day 544

Another sunny day that we’re soaking up while we can. A perfect day to be outside. For Jeff, it was another day at Shane’s finishing laying down the mesh weed barrier before adding the new shredded bark. For me, it was a simpler task of hiking with the dog.

Sadie and I headed to Carneros to check out the monstrosity of new construction in this once beautiful, quiet, country setting (see video). The planning stages for this 100-acre transformation began in 2006.

The plan encompasses 135 cottage suites and 110 single-family homes and villas. It was quite shocking to see how much has been done since we’ve been gone. The last time we saw it, they were in the vineyard removal/grading phase. I really feel for the long-term homeowners who, for years, enjoyed peace and tranquility surrounding their large parcels, only to succumb to an unforeseen transformation. There’s a lot we don’t know as to how this

thing passed. But, what we do know is that there are absolutely limitations in developing vineyard properties. And I know this happens everywhere all for the sake of development. It’s just so shocking when it’s in your own backyard.

Jeff accomplished what he wanted to for the day. With the mesh laid down, and all the bark on top, it’s really starting to come along. When Shane got home from work, he was thrilled at what he saw. Hopefully this really gives him motivation to keep on going. If it weren’t for the upcoming rains, they’d start working on planting borders, building the pathway and finishing the lawn. So in the meantime, Jeff will start building shelves for the storage shed in the back, which hopefully will open a few more paths from his front door.🙄

We’ve been counting the days to Michele’s dinner party, bringing a few friends together that we haven’t seen after months of being on the road. It was soooo great to see Sharon, Sylvia & Jerry and Michele’s daughter Sharayah who

was up from San Luis Obispo for a wedding. It was like old times, sharing stories of the past, plans for the future, and answering the ever popular question of what our favorite places have been these last 18 months. And of course a toast to Michele’s great news. Her real estate offer was accepted. We’re soooo thrilled for her. And no more renting!! She will be moving on January 6th. Wish we could be here to help her with the process. We’re hoping to get a glimpse of her future home before we leave Napa anyway. The food…..absolutely delicious with a vegetarian lasagna, salad, rustic bread and of course vino. After dessert, we retired to the living room for a game of “Where Should We Begin”. It’s basically a game designed for all players to be narrators of their feelings, eliciting conversation. It’s definitely a game that’s best played with people you already know and wish to understand better. And with all the pandemic-related inequities as of late, it’s a great way to reconnect with your peeps. Nothing better than being with good friends, and having great conversations over delicious food.🍷🧀🥮Thank you Michele for making it happen!

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