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A Different World

~Monday, December 20, 2021~

Day 554

We had an early morning as we had a 10:00 a.m. meeting in Lincoln. Not having had coffee or breakfast yet, we decided to stop at B.J.’s Brewhouse in Roseville, on the way back. Though the food was as we remembered it, the service, like many places these days, was not good. Jeff and I accept the differences from pre-COVID days to now, but 15 minutes to simply get a menu? Come on. There’s most certainly a different energy, a different vibe in most of the establishments we’ve visited since returning to California; many previously visited, allowing a comparison. You know how it is when you’re looking forward to returning to a favorite brewery, a favorite restaurant, a favorite store, hoping to recreate the same experience? But, things are not the same. Our world is not the same. So why should I have the same expectations? Everything else we’ve encountered during COVID, traveling to new states, new cities, have been uncharted, making it almost easier to just go with the flow. So, what will be the new “normal”?

One of the fun things about the Holidays is all of the food planning, especially if you’re hosting. We will be joining my sister’s in-laws for a Christmas Eve celebration at their home in Fair Oaks, while we host Christmas Day at my mom’s in El Dorado Hills with menus to be determined, cookies to be baked and presents to be wrapped. There’s a lot of fun work ahead! We can cross off one of the tasks….My mom brought home the Christmas Day ham from the Honey-Baked Ham store in Fair Oaks, only to leave everyone tempted to grab an early slice. It smells amazing!

After about an hour of helping my mom find her Christmas cards and gift tags that she misplaced, I was able to start my gift wrapping task. Jeff’s wrapping station ended up being in the garage while watching the Monday Night Football game (his temporary mancave). My station ended up being on my mom’s dining room table. Over dinner, we had a wonderful time rehashing childhood memories, weddings and Holiday traditions. That’s what the Holidays do……it gives us a time to reflect. Hoping you all have time to SLOW DOWN……and take a moment too!

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