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A Day of To Do's

~Sunday, October 4, 2020~

Day 112

Another short blog today as it was not a day of sightseeing but a day of to do’s. We are ready to get back among the living, forgoing solitude, at least for now. We’ll be back on the road tomorrow. Just in case you’re interested here’s what we accomplished today:


~Went into Grand Junction to pick up the correct socket to change the oil in the Honda generator

~changed the oil

~found an REI-purchased new Salomon boots….the Quest 4D-GTX mid-height hiking boot

~went to get 20 gallons of fresh water for the tanks (lots of dry camping lately)

~cleaned and regreased the stabilizer jacks

~cleaned and sealed all of the gaskets

~watched the 49’ers lose miserably


~sat on her gluteus maximus all day creating a new interactive map for our website (check it out!)

~made a delicious homemade cream of celery soup, salad and naan (the naan wasn’t from scratch-ha!)

Jeff and Inger

~more route planning


~ran too hard, and did not drink enough water today (we think). She was acting kind of funny in the evening, not looking comfortable, not wanting to sit down and think she may have sprained her back leg. Poor thing. Sometimes she still thinks she’s a puppy and runs like a racehorse, especially in open territory, like we are here.

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