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A Change of Scenery

~Tuesday, March 16, 2021~

Day 275 (Travel Day)

I guess it’s a good time to be leaving Charleston since the weather service is throwing in a few tornado warnings in the next few days. I knew that Charleston was hurricane prone, but tornadoes? Is anything normal these days? The drive today should put us mostly on Highway 26, cutting right through the center of South Carolina and landing us at the very northeast part of Georgia in a town called Lakemont, GA. This was the closest place we could find to the Tallulah Falls area (stay tuned for more on that), since Tallulah Gorge State Park was full. Unfortunately, our bookings between Greenville, SC and Georgia, in terms of timing, did not quite work out the way we wanted. So, once again, we had to be a little flex with going off course a little bit to find places to stay. We’re finding that a week’s stay anywhere, if it includes a weekend, puts you in a bind, forcing you to book fewer days at a “hotspot” of a campground or go a little off course to get the number of days you want. It’s quite a game and stressful.

Beautiful scenery and must say it is so nice to be back amongst the forested hills and noticeable rivers again. Of all the landscapes we crave, mountains and forests are our favorite. We’ve certainly missed hiking with some altitude ATTITUDE. We are really looking forward to everything that Tallulah Canyon has to offer.

We arrived at our campground called Riverfalls at the Gorge in the late afternoon with Sadie overcome with excitement seeing the Tallulah River literally in our “backyard”. It’s just a little too swift for our sweet girl, so she will have to be well supervised. There are some wading areas close to our campsite so maybe she can hang out in one of those. But, what a treat to be right on the river and the perfect sound to lull you to sleep. Nice to have the real thing for a change.

After we got everything all set up, it felt good to take a walk around and check things out, especially after the 6-hour drive and a bit of back irritation for me as of late. I bent down to pick something up the other day, and I felt an all too familiar pain as a result. My back has actually been maintained without incident the last few years, and I know the culprit is not enough walking/hiking lately. Truly, this is what keeps me aligned and pain free. I will be forcing myself back to my hour walks/day, rain or shine, cold or hot. Anyway, this place is really cool. Most of the 141 sites are riverside, but they also have rustic cabins that look down on the river and even RV rentals. It’s pretty much a full-service campground with bath houses, laundry facility, pool, volleyball and clubhouse. The entire campground is surrounded by the beautiful Tallulah River.

Dinner dilemma? What to make at 8:00 at night? I know…..leftovers! But what to do with those leftover odds and ends. The best way to clean out an RV fridge or any fridge for that matter is to make either of the following:

  1. Burritos

  2. Omelets

  3. Pasta

We’re both very conscientious about food waste, so we seem to eat these pretty readily. Burritos it is for tonight! What would you prefer or maybe you have another idea we haven’t thought of yet.

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