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911 Call

~Tuesday, July 7, 2020~

Day 23

The funniest thing happened in the shower today. Jeff grabbed my towel outside for me and as I was drying off, I asked myself, “I wonder if there might be spiders on it, from being outside?” And as fate would have it, a big spider dropped on the shower floor...I kid you not. Luckily, I’m not afraid of spiders, but all I could think about was how my sister’s reaction would have been one of complete and utter terror.

Today was a way overdue bath day for the truck. What should we expect after being at Del Mar Beach for over 2 weeks with the misty, salt air. We found a self-serve car wash about 10 minutes away from our site called Happy Cow Car Wash (not sure where the name came from). $3.00 for the initial start up, but all in all cost us $10 to wash the beast. And you save time and money when 2 people are handling this chore. After the wash, there still was no one waiting for our stall, so we were able to dry the truck in there too, plus it was nice and shady for Sadie. Highly recommend this car wash. They’ve even got cool music playing in each stall while you wash.

When we got back to our site, I finished lining the shelves and putting away all of my purchases from yesterday. I think I’m finally done shopping for the homey goods, at least for now. Jeff focused on coordinating some help with Veronique at Lance to see if someone could help troubleshoot the problems we’re having with DC power throughout the trailer. As I mentioned earlier, when we were at Richardson’s last week, they tested the voltage at the DC outlets and there was power. So go figure. Veronique has been our go-to person at Lance that seems to have a magic way of getting things done, or at least connecting us to the right people.

Hannah and Devin had a challenging day trying to communicate with Jacob and Taylor about Easton and coordinating their visitations with him. Devin’s mind must have been centered on that, so that when they arrived to our campsite, Devin inadverntently locked the doors by accident with Carson still inside. They had called USAA initially for help, but when a baby is involved, they immediately tell you to call emergency responders. The calvary came within 5 minutes. The weird thing was I was on an errand to Target while they were on their way to our site, and when I got back I had stopped at our laundry room on the way in. I saw 2 police cars and a firetruck pass me (near the entrance), with no idea they were there for my grandchild. By the time they arrived, a neighbor had already lent his car antenna which they bent, along with spatulas and knives to open the locked car. The bent antenna did the trick (hopefully he was able to still use it). The firemen stayed for about 5 minutes making sure Carson was o.k. Luckily it was early evening so it wasn’t terribly hot, but warm enough to agitate Carson, AND his parents. Good thing by the time I arrived, I had missed the entire debacle.

Finally things calmed down, Carson was back to his smily happy self, then made a delicious taco dinner. Devin had homework to finish up, and a work day tomorrow, so they had to get home. Looking forward to going back to Lake Jennings again tomorrow. The bummer is we have to do all the same breaking down and packing up for only a 10 minute drive. It’s all part of the adventure right?

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